Business Segments

Leggett & Platt's diverse manufacturing capabilities are divided into four product segments: Residential Furnishings – We are a leading supplier of a wide range of components used in finished bedding and furniture; Commercial Fixturing & Components – Our retail store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays are featured in major retail stores across the globe; Industrial Materials – Our own steel rod mill produces the steel used in our myriad wire products; Specialized Products – We feature products in a diverse array of specialty applications, from vehicle seat support to wireless charging systems.

Leggett & Platt's inventive heritage and leadership in the residential furnishings industry span more than 125 years. We are the leading supplier of a wide range of products and components for the home, including: mattress springs, pocketed coils, power foundations, bed frames, ornamental beds, bedding accessories, carpet cushion, and much more.
Leggett & Platt is the country’s leading producer of drawn steel wire. Six plants produce hundreds of thousands of tons of steel wire every year, half of which is used internally in the production of our own products. Other operations produce specialty wire products, including: shaped wire, coated wire products, wire retail fixtures, and erosion-control products.
Leggett & Platt is a leading producer of a broad suite of retail store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays for major retailers, specialty shops, and branded product manufacturers and distributors. Our products in this category include: seat mechanisms and controls, furniture bases, and other components for office furniture manufacturers.
Leggett & Platt's diverse array of specialized products includes automotive seating support structures and comfort systems, a category in which we're the world’s foremost designer and manufacturer; state-of-the-art quilting, sewing, and wire-forming equipment for the bedding industry; and, finally, commercial vehicle products.